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Row 2 hawaii


My home on the water will be a cozy 19 foot long ocean rowing boat! Here are a few highlights of my spacious home and the behind the scene details:

  • Length x Width: 19'5" x 5'1"

  • Stern Cabin: the larger cabin, used for sleeping, shelter and navigation. Cabin is ~6'4" long

  • Bow Cabin: the smaller cabin, used for equipment storage and houses the batteries

  • Solar Panels: 5 panels = 298 Watts of power

  • Calories Consumed Per Day: 6,000 to 8,000

  • Water Source: Desalination pump (~6 Liters /day)

  • Total Oar Strokes: Over 1 Million

  • Speed While Rowing: ~2 knots

  • Electronics: VHF, AIS, GPS Tracker, Satellite Phone, Radar Enhancer

  • Food: Freeze dried meals, Nutritional Bars by Standard Process, Força Foods Nut Free Trail Mix, oatmeal



In mid-March of 2021, I purchased the rowing boat "Liv" and began my quest for a solo row to Hawaii. The boat was originally commissioned by Paul Ridley in 2009 for his solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. Paul named her Liv, which is a Nordic name derived from the Old Norse "hlíf" which means "shelter" or "protection."


Since Paul's row, Liv has been rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, on Lake Michigan and on the Pacific Ocean. Her last rowing assignment was in the 2014 Great Pacific Race. I'm excited to cross the Pacific this summer with Liv.


Upgrades to Liv

After purchasing Liv I started coordinating a major retrofit that included stripping her down in April of 2021 and having work done on her to replace and upgrade the solar panels, batteries and navigation equipment. The work done on her included having a navigation compartment built and refurbished the deck and rowing position.

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