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Solo Row to hawaii

Arrived Sept. 15th in Hilo, Hawaii

california TO HAWAII

Thank you everyone for following along with my row! What an incredible experience and opportunity to live a dream. There are so many people to thank along the way who helped me get to the start line and to Hilo!! I look forward to connecting with everyone soon!! A big, big thanks to Betsy Everett who was my *Everything* Support Team, from social media to logistics to moral support and even trailer driving in Hawaii! I couldn't have done it without you.


2016 Hawaii Highlight Video

Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words. This video, produced by Thiago Silva, gives an inside view of our 2016 record setting row in a 4 Person classic ocean rowing boat. The highs, the lows, and the joy of crossing the finish line!


Nutrition will play a key role in my reaching the Big Island in record time. I'm thrilled to have partnered with Standard Process, a company dedicated to changing lives through whole food-based nutritional supplements and bars. In addition to their bars, they've been supporting me with a range of supplements to keep me in peak physical shape and improve my recovery time. One of my favorites is their Tumeric Forte, which provides a natural anti inflammatory supplement. Over the past year, I've visited their Nutrition Innovation Center in North Carolina to track my pre-row fitness, performance capacity and nutritional levels. During the row I'll be collecting weekly blood samples that will be analyzed to determine how my body and immune system adapt during an extreme endurance event. Post row, I'll be back in the lab to get real data on how my body handled the challenge.

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